Art on the Marquee - large video Installations


Play is an animation installation on a large marquee in-front of the Boston convention and exhibition center. It is a homage to how I grew up with video games and how the process of playing one is parallel to my animation work. starting a game, starting a project. Play the game, work on the project. By the end of the experience you love gaming you love the project and are passionate about creating.

made in photoshop and animated in after effects

The Salonniéres - projection animation

The greater Boston Stage company produced a play called "The Salonniéres". I Assisted in the creation of storyboards and stop-motion silhouette animations that were projected onstage during the production.  

Made with paper and Dragonframe

Delicate Particle Logic - projection animation

Flat Earth Theatre produced a play called “Delicate Particle Logic”. I Assisted in the creation of storyboards and stop-motion experimental animation working with paint and chalk that was projected on stage over the actors.

Made with chalk, Paint and Dragonframe